Winter Activity Everyone Can Enjoy

No matter what the weather or conditions, snowshoeing is a winter activity that can be enjoyed by all. Follow the Mill Trail past the old Turner Mill blacksmith shop and Dr. Marguerite Lichtenthaeler’s historic cabin to the majestic Bingham Falls Gorge.  Or explore the historic Ranch Valley and Ranch Brook at the foot of Mt. Mansfield, the birthplace of skiing in Stowe.


Snowshoe Adventure

Difficulty: Easy to Difficult, 1 to 3 Hours.

Description; Are you looking to get away from it all?  A little peace and tranquility?  Come with us to the undiscovered part of Stowe. We’ll take you off the well-established trail. From our headquarters here at the foot of Mt. Mansfield lies the Green Mountain State Forest and two permanently preserved Stowe Land Trust properties.

Yup, we might even see a moose!

Snowshoeing Day Equipment List

Clothing & Equipment
  • Base layer, long underwear top and bottom (synthetic only, no cotton)
  • Mid-layer, Fleece or pile light and heavy weight (insulation layer)
  • Soft shell, windproof, water resistant (provides limited insulation)
  • Outer-layer, waterproof/ breathable fabric (jacket w/ hood and pants)
  • 2 wool or synthetic hats
  • 2 pr gloves and or mittens
  • Neck Gaiter
  • Gaiters (optional)
  • Goggles/ sunglasses
  • Sturdy, insulated, waterproof boots
Additional Equipment
  • Map/ compass/ GPS
  • Headlamp/ spare batteries
  • Water, Food
  • Whistle, Duct Tape
  • Compact lightweight emergency blanket
  • Emergency Tarp, large Plastic Bag
  • Knife/ multi tool
  • Matches and or lighter Candle
  • First aid supplies (tape, gauge bandage, antibiotic ointment, ace bandage)

Equipment Question?


Duration 1 to 3 Hours

1 person            $225

2 people            $275

3 people           $325

4 people           $375

Snowshoe rental included 

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Enjoy a Snowshoeing Adventure in the Backcountry