Water seeping from the rocks freezes as it falls, allowing us to enjoy this challenging winter sport. These tours offer visitors an amazing first-hand experience of some of Stowe’s untamed nature, ice climbing brings you up close and personal to the outdoors.

Ice climbing Adventures

Introduction  to Ice

This adventure is an introduction to waterfall ice climbing. Depending on your time and energy we will make this half or full day experience exciting for all ages and abilities.

NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Sunrise Mountain Guides provides all technical equipment. See the gear list for clothing and packing tips.

Intermediate Ice

This adventure assumes some experience on ice.  You’ve done some toproping, you know your knots and you may have some of your own equipment.  If you’ve caught the ice bug and are ready for the next step, this course is for you!  Ice 201 is traditionally a full day, but we can cater a half day if the need is required.

Advanced Ice

This is an advanced level adventure for climbers who feel ready for the “sharp end”. Leading is very rewarding but one needs to be prepared with technical proficiency for the variety of situations ice presents. Lead climbing requires an acceptance of risk, but we will make this day safe and rewarding. This course is designed for a guide to client ratio of 2:1. If you have more people please schedule a month prior.

Ice Climbing Equipment List

  • Base layer, long underwear top and bottom (synthetic only, no cotton)
  • Mid-layer, Fleece or pile light and heavy weight (insulation layer)
  • Soft shell, windproof, water resistant (provides limited insulation)
  • Outer-layer, waterproof/ breathable fabric (jacket w/ hood and pants)
  • 2 wool or synthetic hats
  • 2 pr gloves and or mittens
  • Neck Gaiter
  • Gaiters (optional)
  • Goggles/ sunglasses
Equipment (Provided)
  • Climbing Boots
  • Crampons
  • Ice Tools
  • Harness
Additional Equipment
  • Map/ compass/ GPS
  • Headlamp/ spare batteries
  • Water, Food
  • Whistle, Duct Tape
  • Compact lightweight emergency blanket
  • Emergency Tarp, large Plastic Bag
  • Knife/ multi tool
  • Matches and or lighter Candle
  • First aid supplies (tape, gauge bandage, antibiotic ointment, ace bandage)

Equipment Question?


 Half Day Rates

Duration 4 Hours

Easy to Difficult 

1 person            $250

2 people            $325

3 people            $495

4 people            $595

Full Day Rates

Duration 6 Hours

Moderate to Difficult

1 person               $350

2 people                $450

3 people                $595

4 people                $695


What They Say

“Wow what a day! Went out with Greg and Walt and had a blast. My daughter (11) and I ice climbed and have never done it before. Greg and Walt are exceptional leaders, coaches and teachers. We really enjoyed ourselves today and will be back!” ~Trip Advisor

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Ice Climbing Experiences to Remember