Discover and Train in Smugglers’ Notch

Smugglers Notch is a New England gem that provides world class winter adventures. There are many challenging and rewarding ice climbs spattered through the entire Notch. Sunrise Mountain Guides know the area intimately and can find the right climb to suit your adventure.

Smugglers Notch also offers an amazing location to train for larger adventures throughout the world.


Mountaineering Course

Sunrise Mountain Guides uses Smugglers Notch for avalanche training, mountaineering skills such as crevasse rescue, multi-pitch ice climbing, winter camping, and all other essential education to tackle the bigger peaks. We’ve used this area to train for expeditions in North and South America, the Alps, and Himalayas.

Sunrise Mountain Guides provides a mountaineering program that caters to the clients  future expeditions. The mountaineering program is not a structured program but rather a self designed course created by the client and guide that is particular to an upcoming expedition. Our guides have lead expeditions throughout the world and can offer advice on what you should consider before your expedition. This course is a pre-requisite before any out of area trips Sunrise Mountain Guides offer. The course is a minimum of 1 full day but typically is 2-3 full days.

Mountaineering Course Equipment List

  • Base layer, long underwear top and bottom (synthetic only, no cotton)
  •   Mid-layer, Fleece or pile light and heavy weight (insulation layer)
  •   Soft shell, windproof, water resistant (provides limited insulation)
  •   Outer-layer, waterproof/ breathable fabric (jacket w/ hood and pants)
  •   2 wool or synthetic hats
  •   2 pr gloves and or mittens
  •   Neck Gaiter
  •   Gaiters (optional)
  •   Goggles/ sunglasses
  • Map/ compass/ GPS
  •   Headlamp/ spare batteries
  •   Water, Food
  •   Whistle, Duct Tape
  •   Compact lightweight emergency blanket
  •   Emergency Tarp, large Plastic Bag
  •   Knife/ multi tool
  •   Matches and or lighter Candle
  •   First aid supplies (tape, gauge bandage, antibiotic ointment, ace bandage)
Provided Equipment
  • Climbing Boots
  • Crampons
  • Ice Tools

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 Full Day Rates

1 person               $275.00

2 people               $425.00

3 people               $525.00

4 people               $600.00

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