Mountain Biking



With our professional guide you don’t have to worry which trail to choose because we have excellent knowledge of the trails and areas to ride that will meet your riding goals. You’ll spend the maximum amount of time on your bike avoiding getting lost on the area’s many unmarked trails while taking in the best trails Vermont has to offer.

Mountain Bike Lessons and Guided Rides

 Vermont is a great place to improve your riding while at the same time taking in all its natural beauty. Learn how best to tackle our unique terrain. Whether you’re just getting into the sport or have been riding for awhile, Sunrise Mountain Guides will help refine what you already know. We will teach you the how-to’s for the ride you are on, from basic mountain bike riding skills to more advanced drop-offs, switchbacks and other techniques appropriate for your experience level. We will work with you to pick the best trails where we can work specifically on skills for your level and have an amazing ride while doing it. Learn how to ride more confidently, smoother, and faster with simple and intuitive instruction that is immediately effective.

If you’re looking for more of a mixed adventure, we can combine mountain biking with mountaineering. You can have a guided mountain bike ride and finish up with a rappel for that last bit of adrenaline rush. How about a mountain bike lesson followed by some rock climbing? This can all be discussed during our pre-mountain bike lesson/guide scheduling conversation so that we meet all of your needs.



 Guided rides are predominantly trail rides where we can focus on skill building opportunities along the route, stopping to learn and practice as we continue on the trail. This is a great option for those who want to explore Vermont’s trails while receiving instruction along the way. Prior to scheduling, we will work with you to personalize a tailored ride focusing on your areas of interest. Whether you’re looking for machine-built, flow trails, old-school, singletrack, or a mixture of both, we can get you there.

Some Trail Network Options Include:

  • Cady Hill and Adams Camp in Stowe
  • Cochran’s in Richmond
  • Perry Hill in Waterbury
  • Millstone Trails in Barre
  • Sleepy Hollow, Hinesbury Town Forest and Carse Hill in Hinesburg
  • Saxon Hill in Essex
  • And numerous other public and private trails

If you’re looking for more of a mixed adventure, we can combine mountain biking with mountaineering. You can have a guided mountain bike tour and finish it up with a rappel for that last bit of adrenaline rush.

Once we receive your reservation, a guide will then be in contact to assess your schedule, your riding ability and fitness level, where and when to meet up and how to get prepared.

If you need assistance with a bike rental, please inform your guide when planning your adventure.

Guided Ride Rates

1 rider / private guide            $70/hr

2 – 4 riders            $40/hr/rider



If you are more interested in a more in-depth skills clinic then a lesson will help you achieve your riding goals. Whether it’s your first time on a mountain bike, or you are an advanced rider, we will help you reach your riding potential. We will teach you to take more control of your bike and be less of a passenger.


Whether you are in Vermont by yourself or you favor one on one personalized instruction, a Sunrise Mountain Guides private lesson is a great way to accelerate your skills and reach your riding potential.
Prior to scheduling a lesson, we will work with you to personalize a lesson plan focusing on your areas of interest. Private lessons are all about you and ensuring you have more fun out on the trail.

Sunrise Mountain Guides group lessons are great for riding buddies, families, friends, locals, vacationers or any 2+ riders seeking to improve their skills. The more participants in a lesson, the more affordable everyone’s rate will be. Prior to scheduling a lesson, we will work with you to personalize a lesson plan focussing on your areas of interest. Mountain biking is all about having fun and more friends on bikes = more fun.

Lesson Rates

1 rider / private guide            $70/hr

2 – 8 riders            $40/hr/rider



Do you love your local bike shop? We do too! But let’s be honest, you pay them to fix a lot of really minor things that you could do at home in 20-40 minutes. Your local bike mechanic is great for this BIG stuff – diagnosing huge issues, ordering parts, and purchasing a new bike. But when it comes to monthly maintenance, the average mountain biker can save hundreds of dollars per year by performing a few simple tasks and keeping their bike in working order. Take this 2-hour class and take control of your bike!


  • Tuning Gears
  • Changing Disc Brake Pads
  • Checking/Replacing Gear Cables
  • Suspension Set up
  • Cockpit Set up
  • Tire Set Up (Tube and Tubeless)
  • Fixing a Flat Tire
  • Fixing a Broken Chain



Whether you are a long-time mountain biker or just getting into it, we are all looking to have a fun and safe time out on the trails. This hands-on workshop is intended to prepare you to handle the problems that will leave us walking our bikes back to the trailhead. We will cover essential tools to bring, flat tire repair and fixing broken chains. Hit the trails with more confidence and independence by being prepared.


  • Tube, pump, tire levers
  • Chain tool, quick link
  • Bag to carry it all

Lesson Rates

1 rider / private guide            $70/hr

2 – 8 riders            $40/hr/rider

Can be added to any lesson or guided ride for no additional cost.


Packing List for Summer & Fall Mountain Biking

Required Equipment
  • Recently tuned mountain bike (rental assistance available)
  • Bike helmet
  • Clothing comfortable to exercise in
  • Closed toe shoes
Recommended Equipment
  • Biking shorts with built in chamie (to help alleviate bike seat pressure)
  • Biknig gloves
  • Hydration pack (Camelbak)
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses

Equipment Question?

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